Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ulysses Sighting!

He's not even gone, and we are already sighting our favorite New Mexican!

Hey is that Ulysses up ahead in that red Toyota truck? We have been disappointed before, but this one was going around 70 mph, so there was a good chance. Let's try to catch up to him.

Could that be Ulysses? There are various sightings of big red Toyota Trucks, but we don't often have our camera out. Plus to spot a Ulysses in the wild is fairly rare. It took us from Blackie Road to Espinosa Road to catch up, but then we were able to see if we had our catch. Was it him?

BELIEVABILITY RATING: 100%. Not only was the driver Mexican-American, just like the perp we were looking for, but our boys INSIDE the Truck confirmed that indeed it was Ulysses, still talking about how Batman: The Dark Knight is not only the greatest movie ever, it is the single greatest THING ever. Also, this truck was going 73 mph towards Salinas, which also fits the profile. Lastly, we could hear 'Ave Maria" blasting even over the highway noise.

For our First Ulysses sighting, we had a good one. We did not bomb out like our Kramer sightings, but we are starting to believe that that Family did indeed move out of the area (Note to selves: We will need to do something about that).

If they did move out of the area, why are we seeing so many big white vans?

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